“In a time when the Bible is used in religious, political, and social debates, it seems increasingly important that those of us who claim a faith rooted in this sacred text have a sense of the challenges the Bible presents.”  In response to this reality, the authors of our next adult forum series help us look into questions we all may have about scripture:

How did the Bible come to be?

Who chose the books of the Bible?

How should we interpret the Bible?

How do the Old and New Testaments fit together?

Should we read all of the Bible the same way?

What’s going on in the Gospels?

Is the Bible even relevant?

Join us for seven sessions beginning after worship on Sunday, September 30, as we try to answer these questions together.  I know you might have other stuff pulling you away, but haven’t you wondered about some of these questions about the Bible?  Of course you have, so come and check it out starting on September 30.