Pastor Maggie’s Message, March 2023

Pastor Maggie’s Message, March 2023

God’s Beloved & Members of St. John,

May you find hope in the month of March.

The days are getting longer, daylight savings begins, and we observe the Spring Equinox.  Such hopeful glimmers, as we emerge from the long months of winter. March is a time when the earth displays is seasonality loudly and unsettling at times. Especially in Wisconsin when temperatures swing like a heavy pendulum and weather patterns turn on a dime.

The earth embraces this chaos, change, and disruption. Creation groans and adapts. While most humans continue along, detached from the truths unfurling in our midst. Yet, here we are, in the depths of Lent. A time of intentionality, observation, and reflection. A time to embrace the reality around us and within us.

And what a unique opportunity to do so this month of March. Embracing the rawness of creation, knowing that God is in the midst of the chaos. Because chaos cracks things open, allowing God’s love to flow in. Love that can smooth over even the roughest edges, providing moments of peace, and shimmers of hope.

Cross with sunset in the background.

Hope that we carry with us through Lent. Hope that is made possible in Christ. It is my prayer that our time together in worship fills you with hope, renewal, and grace. That your faith may be deepened and that your spirit may find moments of joy. May God continually meet you where you are at and provide you with grace to fully embrace each day.

With Love & Gratitude,

Pastor Maggie Westaby