Pastor Maggie’s Message, April 2024

Pastor Maggie’s Message, April 2024

God’s Beloved,

Blessings for the month of April. A popular slogan for this month has often been April showers, brings May flowers. A time of year when we often need rain; to refresh the lands and rivers around us, to give way to hope, and to help birth new creation only found during spring (and maybe to help melt some snow from the most recent snowfall).

As we know, God is always bringing about new beginnings. And God does so even with the element of rain. Rain is necessary for plants to grow, to replenish our fresh water reserves, and is a reminder of God’s presence and God’s promises.

The promise found in baptism when water and Word are combined to unite us in Christ’s death and resurrection.  And the promise found only when there has been rain, in the form of a rainbow. As the rainbow harkens back to God’s covenant with the earth, with every living creature, and with Noah—that never again will the earth be flooded. In something so fleeting, in something so beautiful, we are reminded of God’s love for the world and that with God, new beginnings can come even from the bleakest of times.

And even though rainbows are fleeting, it is the water droplets that allow us to see a rainbow by bending the light that enters it. The conditions may not always be right to produce a rainbow, but that doesn’t mean the possibility isn’t there.

Which is like God. We might not always feel God’s presence, we might not always think about God, but that doesn’t mean that God isn’t there, providing us possibilities to dive deeper into our relationship with God.

And just like water is constantly with us and sustaining us, we still need to replenish our water daily. Water in this way, is like Christ. For Christ is constantly with us and working in us, yet we need to replenish our relationship with Christ—through worship, prayer, communion, and praise.  

And there are many ways to tap into our relationship with God, because God is forever in our midst, just like water is always at work in the world. The water cycle is constantly churning, bringing life to creation, and even forming rocks. Water in this way, is like the Holy Spirit. Who knows where the Spirit will rain down, but we have faith that the Spirit is at work right where it needs to be. Whether it be smoothing and soothing, like water does to rocks, or chopping and churning the deep, to disrupt the calm.

From rocks to rainbows we are reminded of God’s love for humanity. The rainbow, from Genesis and the rock from Exodus (when Moses strikes a rock in the wilderness, God brings forth water from a rock, allowing God’s people to drink). Rocks and rainbows remind us that God’s promises are true, God is at work in the world, and God continues to provide hope.

Even when we can’t see hope in the form of a rainbow, it doesn’t mean God’s covenant is broken. After all, rainbows are dependent upon your position and where you are looking from—all you may need to do, is step into the light. Remembering even in the dark, Jesus is the light of the world.

May this good news find you amidst the April rains. May God replenish your spirit. May the Holy Spirit drench you with love. And may Christ immerse you in grace. Amen.

With Love & Gratitude,

Pastor Maggie Westaby