Pastor Maggie’s Message, May 2023

Pastor Maggie’s Message, May 2023

God’s Beloved &

Members of St. John,

May the month of May spring forth joy and peace for you. As we embrace a world blossoming in our midst may the newness of life be an ever-present reminder of how God is always creating all things new.

May the beauty of this truth be a reminder of the beauty that lives inside you. While it is easy to recognize the beauty around us, it takes a little more effort to recognize the beauty that dwells inside of us. Beauty which is always seen and recognized by God. For you are God’s beloved.

May you find joy in your inner beauty and in the Spirit of God that dwells in you. And may you find courage to share your gifts with the world. For you were created with purpose and there are always moments blossoming in your midst where you are called to share your fruits.   

May springtime be a reflection of the beauty that dwells within you. And even though spring can encompass rain, storms, and chaotic weather; life still thrives, and there is birth and renewal in the midst of it all. For God is with you in storms and torrential rainfalls, and showers you with grit, goodness, grace, and love.

With Love & Gratitude,

Pastor Maggie Westaby