Pastor Maggie’s Message, November 2023

Pastor Maggie’s Message, November 2023

God’s Beloved & Members of St. John,

Blessings this November.

I look forward to a fun filled month at St. John! We will start off the month with our Vacation Bible School Recap on Sunday, November 5. Get ready for a joyful service filled with song, dance, and praise. Here we will learn the many ways to Shine Jesus’ Light!

November is a beautiful time to be reminded about Jesus’ light, especially as the world grows darker around us here in the northern hemisphere with shorter hours of daylight. A time when creation starts to settle in for the long winter ahead.

A time when we come together with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. I am especially looking forward to our Thanksgiving Evening Service this year, as it will be a little different. Some of our youth will have their First Communion at this service; what a joyful way to be thankful as we honor their presence at Christ’s table. This service will also have some special music performed by the Immanuel Bell Choir.  

And to continue in this spirit of thanksgiving, I would like to share how thankful I am for all of you! For the way you show up in the world living out your call to love one another. You all embody what it truly means to Shine Jesus’ Light!  

With Love & Gratitude,

Pastor Maggie Westaby