Pastor Maggie’s Message, February 2023

Pastor Maggie’s Message, February 2023

God’s Beloved & Members of St. John,

Grace and peace to you all. February is upon us, and with that we look to Ash Wednesday and the start of our Lenten Journey together. St. John’s Church Council is hopeful that this Lent will be an opportunity to bring back the Lenten Dinners. If you are able to sign up for one, there is a chart in the Narthex.

Lent is a time for honest embracing—embracing life as it really is—a mosaic of beauty, destruction, hope, fear, joy, anger, longing, and so much more. Lent is a time to acknowledge that life is hard, without judgment. Which is why we start Lent with Ash Wednesday—to be reminded of our finitude—that we are but ash, and to ash we shall we return. A time to be emersed in our own ashes, that manifest in the things we no longer carry, the things we struggle with, and the ashes we cling to in our loved ones who have passed. As humans we carry so many emotions, memories, and experiences with us, it can be hard to grasp sometimes. And so, we have Lent, to discover and rediscover ourselves through the ashes, in the ashes, and with the ashes.

If you are able, I hope you find the strength to journey together this Lent. To embrace the sacredness of this time and to hold the space and grace for yourself to do so. Together with God we will make this journey. Together with God we will embrace God’s grace.

As always, if you ever need any one to talk to, I am here for you. Please feel free to call or text me (608)-345-9616 or send me an email Or if you would simply like to meet up for coffee, tea, or a walk, I would love to share that time with you.

With Love & Gratitude,

Pastor Maggie Westaby